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Wizard Creek Consulting maintains a number of blogs on various topics. Some of the blogs are written in house. Some of them are collections of articles and sites on topic. In some ways, blogs have replaced browser favorites or bookmarks. It is just as easy to "Blog It" and save to a blog as it is to save to favorites or bookmarks. Blogs have the advantage because there is some help with Search Engine Optimization.


Les Bain
Thoughts on the Internet, Marketing, Media, Politics and Life.
Wizard Creek Consulting
Wizard Creek Consulting helps business pick low hanging fruit from the Internet Tree
Website Planning
Tips on creating a great website plan
Website Design
Tips for good website design.
Website Construction
Tips on Website Construction
Website Promotion
Tips on promoting a website
Website Maintenance
Tips on maintaining websites.
Blogging Information
Information about Blogging, Audio Blogs, Video Blogs and Feeds.
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing information about online apps, netbooks, and the pros and cons of cloud computing.
Internet Marketing
Information about Internet Marketing including shopping carts, auto-responders, and email lists.
Making Affiliate Money
Tips, Tools and Techniques for doing Affiliate Marketing.
Internet Presence
Information about managing Internet Presence
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
This blog supports the Wizard Creek Consulting RSS Tutorial.
Search Keywords
Information about Search Keywords and how to pick Keywords for your business, website, and blog..
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization is using Social Media sites wisely to promote your organization.
Webcasts, Video, and Audio
Reference about Webcasts, Podcasts, Internet Video, and Internet Audio.
Call Centers
General Information about Call Centers
CIO Resources
Resources for Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and IT Managers.
SOHO Computer Support
Information Technology tips for the Small Office / Home Office.
Web Based Learning
Information on e-Learning, Web Based Learning, and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model).
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management Information particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
eBooks Information
Printing in 3D
Information on 3D Printing
Guided Meditations on the Web
Internet Sites that have guided meditation audio to help you meditate.
History of Opiophobia
Opiophobia: what is it and where does it come from?
Treo 700P Tips
Treo 700P - Tips and Information
Content Management Systems
People are getting tired of paying website administrators to make small changes in their websites. Answer: Content Management Systems.

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