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Business Continuity, Security and Backups

A presentation by Les Bain and Robin McCain for PASS (Professional Association of Support Services

Business Continuity What is it?

Business Continuity Why do it?

What is the worst that can happen? How prepared are we? Where is the business vulnerable? How do we know our plans will work? What about our people? How do we determine our risk tolerance? How can we leverage our technology? Are we willing to take that risk?

Author/researcher Michael Croy of the Forsythe Solutions Group consultancy noted the following:

Business Continuity includes all the following security topics

But specifically for this document, Business Continuity is for the technical side of the business. It you computer is essential to your business, then you need a plan for the computer to continue operating.

Backups essential for Business Continuity

Backups Defining the Terms

Backups discussion

Backups reference

Business Continuity for Computers Security

Business Continuity for Computers What is means to your business

Business Continuity for Computers Reference

Robin McCain

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