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"What is Personal Information Management and Why it's Important for YOUR Business"

What is Personal Information Management?

Personal Information Management consists of managing your calendar, task list, contact information, and personal notes. Personal Information Management is important because it deals with the critical concepts of time (calendars), work (tasks), people (contacts), and ideas (notes).

The marketplace is inundated with products to help manage our Personal Information. Computer software includes Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, ACT!, GoldMine, and Lotus Notes. There are web-based systems like Yahoo that offer web-based calendars and contact information. Personal Digital Assistants, such as Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs, have been out-sold only by DVDs in the electronic device market. Many individuals maintain paper calendars, contact lists, and to-do lists. The goal of Personal Information Management products is to help us manage our calendars, tasks, contacts and ideas more effectively.

What is your Primary Personal Information Management Tool?

Many people use one or more of the Personal Information Management tools, and most use one tool as their primary organizational tool. What is your primary tool? Is it the Calendar, Task List, Contact Information, or Notes?

Is your primary tool Calendar?

If so, you tend to focus on time. You get the urgent things done, but not necessarily the important. The challenge for Calendar people is to schedule time on the calendar to do the important things that are not urgent, like planning, spending time with family, and reading articles about Personal Information Management. Remember, it is ok to end a scheduled activity or meeting early.

Is your primary tool Task List?

If so, you tend to focus on work. That can lead to being overwhelmed, because it quickly points up how much one has to do. The challenge for Task people is to prioritize the tasks and then to concentrate on the task at hand. To aid in prioritization, tasks should always be associated with a goal, mission or a project. Be careful of inadvertently creating multiple task lists that include a set of emails to read or answer, a list of phone calls to make, calendar events to attend, as well as the Task list. Do not let overdue tasks accumulate; reschedule them.

Is your primary tool Contact Information?

If so, you tend to focus on people and relationships. The challenge is to stay on schedule, and to make sure the important things get done that are not directly related to people. Many sales people are Contact people.

Is your primary tool Notes?

If so, you tend to focus on ideas. The challenge for Notes people is to stay grounded. Some artists and writers are notes people, and will carry journals or sketch pads, but not a calendar or a task list. Even creative people need to find a way to stay organized.

Take some time and consider the Personal Information Management tools that you are using and how you can use them more productively. Improving your tool set can improve your productivity.


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