RSS Tutorial - Directories OK Complete
RSS Tutorial - Tools Complete
Mashable Complete
Compendium Complete
Compendium - Readers Complete
DMOZ Open Directory Complete
RSS Specifications Complete
Yahoo Directory? Consider - but probably time to move on.  Decision: Version 2.
RSS Blogspot Blog All the news that's fit to print

Do a find / replace on Categories Created an include member / process to change categories.
Create the Extract File Create the complete extract file and start to work with the extract file.  Code is complete.  Test and Run.
Update the Extract File Use the current redo routines
Read the Extract file and create an array.
Read the array, use the redo routines.
Write the Extract File.
Maybe Read and Write.
Build a sophisticated Data Base Load
one that is reusable
Find ..Deal with duplicates? 
Save multiple occurrences.  Another table with descriptions.
Make sure website is still valid.
Write it to run multiple times.
One of the new inputs will be the site itself.
Consider using Website thumbnails
see client list on website
Probably not, but still an option.
2) Figure out whether or not to use the PHPld directory I would say yes to make sure I understand how to do it, and how to make changes available to users.
Do a Sophisticated Data Base Display of the Directory Only if do not use PHPd
Directory Promote Submit RSS Directory to Directories of Directories
Add the Wizard Creek Tutorial Manually
Rename all the Global Variables Complete
Rename all the functions and includes Compete