SEO Project

A Series of Podcasts about Search Engine Optimization

History of Search Engine OptimizationA brief history of Google and Search to describe how Search Engine Optimization became so important.2010-01-043:14
Google uses backlinks to determine relevancy.Search Engine Optimization means getting backlinks, and the best way to do that is to create compelling content.2010-01-112:56
Content is King for Search Engine OptimizationIf you want to succeed in Search Engine Optimization, create good content. Content is King. Good content means 3 things, it is Useful, Unique, and Updated.2010-01-122:57
How Search Engines Work.To understand SEO, understand Search Engines. Search Engines 1) Crawl the Internet gathering information, 2) Build indexes of what they find, and 3) Deliver Search Results to visitors.2010-01-153:10
In Search Engine Optimization if Content is King, Keywords are Queen.Search Engine Optimization means optimizing for keywords. You to not optimize in general, you optimize to be found by specific keywords. Keywords are simply the words or phrases entered into a Search Engine.2010-01-182:55
Which Search Engines should we optimize for?There are various kinds of search engines, including general purpose, human powered, combined, and special purpose. We want to optimize for Google, because Google has 70% of the market, and because it means optimizing for the rest of search engines.2010-01-193:06
SEO KeywordsSearch Engine Optimization is based on keywords. Find keywords where you can be competitive.2010-02-093:02
SEO GuidelinesOptimize one keyword or key-phrase per web-page. Use the Key-phrase in the title and header. The Key-phrase should appear in the website content. 2010-02-123:15
How to Do SEO - 01What is Search Engine Optimization? What is Search Engine Marketing? What is White Hat versus Black Hat SEO?2010-02-153:05
How to Do SEO - 02Search Engine Optimization begins with setting up the metrics. Install Google Analytics on your website and register your website with all three Search Engine Webmaster sites.2010-02-163:06
How to Do SEO - 03SEO is built on keyword analysis. Each webpage is optimized for one keyword. Start by putting the keyword into the title of each webpage.2010-02-173:13
How to Do SEO - 04After the base line has been established, it is time to start making changes. Add a user site map - particularly if the site uses dynamic menus. Use absolute addressing.2010-02-183:15
How to Do SEO - 05Add Alt tags to all images. Use keywords in the Alt tag whenever appropriate.2010-02-193:12