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Barbara .... Financial Counselor
It works! Yesterday I got my first referral from the website. It is a mystery how it got to me. The person who registered on the website got my name from another person who I don't remember meeting. Anyway the best part is I have a new client appointment on my books for next week.
Sarah ... Great Circle Forge
Great News!! We have increased our site traffic six-fold in the last month. And are continuing to see increases. We have also seen a slight increase in sales. I am sure that is just a matter of time and those will increase dramatically as well. In addition, we have improved our search engine rankings to the Top 20 for nearly all of our search terms, with most being in the Top 10.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your help.
Rhonda ... Small Business Owner
Les really saved the day with my website. Before I knew about Les, I had hired 2 different consultants with less than positive outcomes. Les came in and cleaned everything up on my site so that it looked and worked the way I wanted. Then, he helped me understand and implement an ongoing plan for achieving a high google ranking, running site statistics, and general site maintenance. Having been initially unfamiliar with the many aspects of creating and having a website, I find Les to be an excellent and easy to understand communicator, very resourceful and creative, and a true professional. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Les Bain.
"The work that we did on Friday was definitely helpful. I plan to use a couple of the Task features right away; for meeting action items and to deal with emails from others that need to be assigned."
Business Service Representative:
"In working with Les for a short period of time on Outlook, I learned steps that have enabled me to work much more efficiently and productively. Les communicates clearly and is both enthusiastic and patient, which makes the learning process fun".
Small Business Owner:
"I am really looking forward to working with you. Your thoroughness and attention to detail, coupled with your creative ideas, really impressed and delighted me today. Thank you so very much! ...I'm thrilled at your ideas..."
Small Business Owner:
"... my Google placement is awesome. You delivered exactly what you promised!"


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your leadership to get us through these difficult times. I appreciate your honest, open approach."
Fred Meyer
"I also wanted to say once again how much I sincerely appreciate the cooperation we have received from your team throughout this long challenging transition period. I know there have been many times that your team has absolutely come through to meet the toughest objectives."


"I have truly enjoyed working for you this year. I've learned a lot about how to learn the system, be successful and maintain a sense of humor and personal integrity. I owe those learnings to you.
"Les is an inspiration to his entire staff, He is a hard working, dedicated, kind individual. He is the best manager I have ever worked with."
"Les is soft spoken and does not draw attention to himself. However, in working closely with Les, you quickly come to realize that he is totally absorbed and dedicated in providing the best situation for his people, customer, and the company."
"Les's leadership empowers the people to take care of our customer. His vision of customer service and bringing value to our customer is contagious. We've seen a major improvement in the relationship with our customer"
"When I was an MBA student at Brigham Young University, I read stories about charismatic leaders of Corporate America. Les, you are definitely one of the few great leaders I have ever seen."


Del Monte:
"Les's performance has been higher than expectations."
"Les, Awesome work. I look forward to seeing more."

Wizard Creek Consulting
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