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Here is a tutorial about FrontPage includes in case you use them


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Jimco Add-ins  which
currently features the downloadable free addons
made by Paul of AddonFP is
storing them till he can find a home for them.
Solution-Shelf is loaded with FrontPage 2003, 2002 and 2000 topics
along with useful software and FrontPage web Templates. You'll find
plenty of original content and strategies, including tips and tools to
do better with the engines!

Get ErrOmi FrontPage add-in and use it to find and eliminate rank
robbing problems hidden in your web. It will save you loads of time
applying Meta Tags and Image attributes consistently.

Jimco Add-ins

I highly recommend this add-in

No FrontPage Meta
Compatible with FrontPage 2000 2002
Removes the GENERATOR and ProgId meta tags when you save your pages.

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Using Google to Search Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles

Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles (MS KB) are a great source of help for FrontPage, especially since Microsoft MVPs are now an intrical part of contributing to the KB.  Perhaps the single most difficult aspect of utilizing this resource is the search feature on the Microsoft site for these articles.

One great way around the lack of good search results is to use Google to search the MS KB.  Here is the URL to search the MS KB with Google: