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What is a Curmudgeonly Wizard you ask?


I had a business coach at one time. My coach was convinced that one thing I needed to do was become more curmudgeonly. I have a tendency to go out of my way to make things right for clients, and he was convinced that I was going overboard. His prescription was for me to "become more curmudgeonly".


I have always liked to describe technicians as Wizards. I worked for a company that called all their programmers software engineers. There were associate, regular, advanced, and senior software engineers. There were also hardware engineers and operations engineers and data engineers.

Various professional organizations of real engineers started to protest that people were being called engineers that were not certified engineers. So the company had to change everyone's title.

I wanted to change the job title to Wizards. I proposed Apprentice Wizards, Wizards, Senior Wizards and Master Wizards. (This was before the Harry Potter books were popular).

Many software products have "Wizards" that helped non technical people do things more easily. I always thought that was a great analogy for what we should be doing, making technology easier for people. So I wanted to change all the job titles from Engineer to Wizard. The company did not agree.

When I started my own company, I was able to use the term Wizard. I am the Curmudgeonly Wizard.



Curmudgeonly Wizard?

So I work at being a good wizard, but I never did learn to be curmudgeonly.

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