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Keywords - Definition

Keywords or key-phrases are the terms that potential customers use to search. Search is the second most used application on the internet behind email. If a potential customer is going to use search to find the website, the website must be built to target the right keywords.

Key-phrases and keywords are the intersection of the business, the website, and the customer. Key phrases will be used in both website design and website promotion. The right keywords generate business.

When a potential customer or client enters certain keywords into a search engine, the ideal is to have the website reference being returned on the first page, usually that means in the top 10 results. Keywords and key-phrases are the connection to the customer or client. 

Picking keywords is an essential part of the website plan. Keyword analysis is part science, part art.  First one thinks of what keywords are those that potential customers might use.  Second, one determines whether the keyword can be effectively used.

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