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Website Construction - Error Processing

Websites get errors. The most common error is the 404 not found error when someone enters the wrong webpage name.

The following is one approach to dealing with those errors.

Add Error Processing to your htaccess file.

ErrorDocument 400 /error-page.php?400
ErrorDocument 401 /error-page.php?401
ErrorDocument 403 /error-page.php?403
ErrorDocument 404 /error-page.php?404
ErrorDocument 500 /error-page.php?500

Create the error-page.php program.



$error = getenv(QUERY_STRING);

switch ($error) {
    case "400" : $error_msg = "Bad Request"; break;
    case "401" : $error_msg = "Authorization Required"; break;
    case "403" : $error_msg = "Forbidden"; break;
    case "404" : $error_msg = "Not Found"; break;
    case "500" : $error_msg = "Internal Server Error"; break;
    default : $error_msg = "Unknown Error"; break;
echo 'Error: ' . $error . ' ' . $error_msg;

<p><a href="http://www.your-domain-name.com/index.htm">
Go to Home Page</a></p>


The results will look like the following. The assumption is that everyone will add HTML code to make it look more exciting or interesting.


Error: 404 Not Found

Go to Home Page


Follow the link to see one example:

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