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Website Construction Guidelines:

Click Here for an object lesson on how Blogs, Feeds and Feed Readers work.

Website Construction - Importance

After the website has been planned and designed, it is ready to be constructed.

Construction is the process of taking the design and creating the actual website. It is assumed that there are many different ways to realize the design. Creating a good technical website is desirable because it is easier to maintain and it will load faster.

It is quite possible to take one design and create very similar if not identical websites but produce quite different code.

Different products could be used, like Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

The HTML could be clean and well written, or the website could have wasted and bloated code.

If ecommerce is used on the site, there are a number of products and techniques that might look and work similar, but might perform quite differently.

Building well crafted websites will prepare for delivering websites to PDAs, Mobile Phones, and other devices.

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Website Construction - Construct for Flexibility

Use CSS to separate out the visual component from the text.

If using FrontPage, use techniques to made the code easier to maintain.

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Website Construction - Construct to Standards

Code the website to standards. It will give the best assurance the website will run well on any browser.

Use Standard HTML

Use Standard CSS

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Website Construction - Construct for Accessibility

There are many techniques that are available that will make the site more accessible to those with physical challenges.

Provide Accessibility

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Website Construction - Construct for Reliability

Provide Error Processing

Manage the Source Code

All the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and other code for your website is the source code. Usually the source code has taken many hours to create. It should be treated as an asset, and protected, backed up, and stored safely.

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Website Construction - Tools

Profession Websites can be constructed using any of various tools.

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Website Construction - Reference


Meta Tags


CSS - Cascading Style Sheets



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