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The website was planned, designed, constructed, and is being promoted. Are we done? Now is the process of doing the periodic maintenance, monitoring, and measuring of the website.

Website Maintenance steps:

Website Maintenance - Maintain

Periodic Maintenance is the review of the website and the correcting of anything that has surfaced as a problem or issue. This checks and reviews should be run regularly against the website. Run them monthly for a website that is changed regularly. Run the checks and validations and fix any discrepancies.

This activities verify the website itself.

Validate the HTML

Validate the CSS

Check the Hyperlinks

Run Spell Check

Validate against accessibility standards

Make sure there is a valid backup

Run Domain Name information validation

Check Search Engine Spiders

Check against other browsers

Check Web Page Speed

Validate privacy statements

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Website Maintenance - Monitor

What others are doing in respect to your website.  What are others doing in regard to your website.

Check for copyright violations

Review Website Statistics

Review Link Popularity

Review website host provider restraints

Review Search Engine Information

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Website Promotion - Measure

There are lots of things to measure on website performance. We want to measure the website performance or the Internet strategy. We want to understand the return on investment.

Some metrics that desired are number of visitors, cost per visitor, and revenue per visitor. The goal of metrics is to fine tune the website and make it more effective.

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Website maintenance - Reference

Website maintenance - Performance

Website maintenance - Accessibility

Website maintenance - Website Statistics

Website maintenance - Toolbars

Website maintenance - Articles

Website maintenance - Blogs

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