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To have an effective website, you need a website plan.

The Website is the intersection of three things, the business, the internet, and customer.

Website Planning steps:

Website Planning - Create the Business Plan

To create an effective Website plan, one must first understand the business.  The Website is a reflection of the business.  Businesses typically create a Business Plan that describes the purpose of the business.  There are great resources on the Website for Business Plans.

Business Plans usually contain at least the following

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Website Planning - Define the target market.

It is imperative to target who the customers will be. The first rule of copywriting is to know your audience.

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Website Planning - Review the Technical Environment

To design and promote a Website, it is important to understand the current state of the internet, internet search, and internet marketing. The internet changes dramatically, and it is imperative to be able to answer some basic questions.

It is a matter of understanding the environment in which the Website will exist and compete. Over the course of the last decade, various internet technologies have emerged which have changed the way the internet is used. To understand the possibilities of a Website, it is helpful to understand in general the existing and various technologies, including streaming video, ecommerce, blogs, newsgroups, list serves, and instant messaging.  Each of these is a possible way to enrich the experience of a Website.

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Website Planning - Create the Website Project Plan.

Create the Website Plan.  The Website plan defines the intended audience, purpose, and targets for the Website.  It specifies the directory information and keywords.

Website Plan - Define Purpose

Website Plan - Define Audience

Website Plan - Define Goals

Website Plan - Identify Keywords.

Website Plan - Identify Directory Information

Website Plan - Deliverables

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Website Planning - Reference

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