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Promote your website with a number of related activities. Internal things must be right for the website, search engines must find it, and other sites must point to it. It is not enough to say "I have built it they will come". Websites must be promoted to be found in the enormous expanse of the World Wide Web.

Website Promotion - Create a quality website

It does no good to promote a site that is not interesting or worthwhile visiting. All the promotion in the world with only bring a quick visit and a quick exit. The website must start with content. Good solid content that is worth the promotion. Websites must be constructed according to standard guidelines. Design and construction must have created a quality website. See

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Website Promotion - Use the Domain Name

Promote your domain name

When visitors come to your site because they have signed on to the internet to come to your site, they are going directly to the site. Perhaps from an website address on a business card, perhaps from a newspaper article, a brochure, an advertisement or word-of-mouth. Perhaps in response to a coupon with a free offer.

Put your domain name everywhere

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Website Promotion - Get Back Links

The world wide web is a spider web of information. Websites link to other websites in an interlocking set of patterns. Search engines evaluate links to determine the popularity of a website. Links from other sites bring visitors to a website.

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Website Promotion - Optimize the Website

Search is one of the primary ways that visitors and customers will find a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of building a website that the search engines will find on the selected keywords.

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Website Promotion - Advertise on the Internet

Internet Advertising has the benefit of being targeted and cost effective. Internet advertising can be show on specific websites, search results, blogs, or email that reference appropriate keywords. Payment is often based on whether or not a visitor selects your website - pay per click (PPC).

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Website Promotion - Reference Information

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