Pam Whitman, M.A.
Creator of the movement dvd, Better Balance & Brain Circuitry

Pam Whitman, M.A. is a popular and dynamic international speaker, creator of the “Better Balance and Brain
Circuitry” dvd and a former director on the Brain Gym® International Foundation Board. She combines her
expertise and experience in working with and training hundreds of people in her specialized Brain Booster
movement program. She is a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant providing private sessions and
coaching. Pam presents and designs training programs to schools, educational and Healthcare professionals.
She uses movement therapy with ADD, delayed development, Autism, Aspergers, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Head
Injury individuals, as well as for the fear of public speaking and performance.
Pam Whitman
Ron Palmer
Board of Directors
Gary Smith
Vice Presiden
Board of Directors
Sonja Williams
Brian Jacobson

He is owner of Gary C. Smith Public Speaking and Training's, and author of How to own the Stage, a unique
methodology of how to present your self as a speaker.

Gary brings over 40 years of experience in the human potential field, public speaking and training's.  He has an
MBA in Public Speaking and an accredited Universal Life Minster and most proud of being a LLL-Life Long

His work as a volunteer includes:

  • Vice President of the Board of Directors - The Elder Care Team
  •  Speech Coach Network Circle
  •  Lead Ambassador Successful Thinkers Network Walnut Creek
  •  Director Crockett Improvement Association                
  •  President Real Deal Toastmaster Walnut Creek
  •  Scribe East Bay Business Leaders
  •  Trainer and creator of Voices of Gratitude
  •  Moderator Alamo Community Incorporation Hearing
  •  Member Contra Costa Human Relations Commission                                              
  •  Project Manager ‘What’s Your Dream’  
  •   President Safe Haven for Little People    

“My current project is Curing Seriousitis™, workshops to improve communication skills, build confidence and
self-esteem and increase personal happiness with the use of humor. These are skills our team will use in
supporting the elderly.   
“As a senior citizen, the work that The Elder Care Team is taking on is not just aimed at my peers, but those
whose dependency needs answers, a helping hand and a caring attitude. I feel the team we are building has
answers, and even more importantly a questioning mindset and the compassion needed in these challenging

Gary resides in Crockett, California with his wife Raleen. He enjoys gardening, remodeling his home, writing,
speaking, his wife, his 3 grandchildren and golf.

When calling Ron’s cell phone you hear his greeting.  “Hi, this is Ron Palmer!  I am out saving the world right
now!  Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am done.”

Actually this is no joke because Ron is constantly doing things to make the world better.

  • President of The Elder Care Team’s Board of Directors.
  • Territory Manager for Tandem Diabetes reshaping how medical devices are designed and ultimately   
    used by you. Tandem Diabetes works diligently in the development, launch, and support of cutting-edge
    insulin pumps for Diabetes Management.
  • Bicycle marathons to support diabetes research.
  • Teaching kids and adults how to manage their diabetes.
  • Finalist in public speaking with Toast Masters.

The list goes on and on!

Most of all, Ron is a basketball enthusiast!  He plays basketball several times a week!  He also manages to
coach kids’ basketball teams.  His son, Josh, is quite a player too!
Ron has his own cheering squad!  His award winning cheerleader daughter, Taylor, and his beautiful wife Marie.