I was told that my Dad's home would have
to be sold and his savings would have to
be spent in order to pay for his medical
My friend told me about
Where to Go and What to Do for Elder Care
I am so happy she did!
They arranged great care for Dad and he
did not have to sell anything.  
They even helped me get extra money so
his finances would not be dwindled away.

             ... Alexandra St. James

I filed for disability.  I went to the
disability office several times.
After 9 months my case was still in
limbo. I learned about Where to
Go and What to Do for Elder Care.  
They had my disability approved in
6 weeks.
Joe Belton

I am a Department Director for a
major medical center in the Bay Area.
I found myself in a frenzy when my
Mother became very ill.  I did not
have the proper papers in place to
take care of my Mom during her
illness.  I called all over town and
was quoted extremely high prices
and told it would take several weeks
to prepare the necessary papers.

I remembered Where to Go and What
to Do.  I called and told them my
urgency to have things in order for

I couldn't believe it!

They told me they would come the
next morning and have all necessary
paper work done within an hour.
I was amazed!
... Ms. B

! Fan Mail !

Where to Go and What to Do for Elder
Care should be listed in the dictionary
under the term “dear hearts.”   Said
definition, direct  from the online Urban
Dictionary, “an affectionate sobriquet
for the person that has woken your
heart and dispelled your misgivings
about the world at large.”

After my husband became terminally ill, I
spent more and more time discussing
treatments, finances, and our morale.  

Where to Go and What to Do became my
Godsend and a very important part of
my husbands’ support system.

As my husband became more and more
ill, and eventually unable to
communicate, and then on his
deathbed; Where to Go and What to Do
was hands-down the most influential
support provider I had.

There were Hospice staff, who were
wonderful, but Where to Go and What to
do was there over the long haul and
they had an ability to sense and operate
on a level that was, for lack of better
words, keenly enlightened.

                ... Colette Skagel

I didn't know what to do.
I had placed my Mother in a care
community with an agreement to a
certain price.
A short while after my Mother
entered the care community they
sent me a letter wanting more
money which was against the
agreement I made with them.
Where to Go and What to Do for
Elder Care
helped me have the care
community honor their agreement
and not keep charging me more
and more money.
They also helped me find a new
care community where my Mother
and I feel like we are family.

You may not remember me but we spoke a couple of months ago by accident when you answered the
Adult Protective Services line even though I was calling for another service.  You were the most helpful
Government Employee that I have ever spoken with (no JOKE!) and it appeared as if you were genuinely
interested and wanted to help with my problem.  I know that you will say that you were just doing your job
but I want to say Thanks for your caring attitude and for the help you provided.

Just to brief you - I have an Uncle who lives in Richmond and has been diagnosed with

I needed someone to work on my behalf since I live in Dallas, Texas.  After a few minutes listening to my
story you recommended The Elder Care Team to me as people who could provide direction and

I called and spoke with Joanna Marie and the rest is history.  Joanna is the person you said that she is by
demonstrating integrity, fairness, passion for her work and truth.  She has provided assistance to me and
to my family living in Oakland, CA.  We are still in the planning stages for my Uncle but Joanna's
involvement has been critical. Joanna was a hands on person making way for my uncle.   In addition she
introduces me to others who participate with Where to Go and What to Do.  The result - my family
received everything they needed by this wonderful team of professionals.  No matter if it was a medical
or financial issue all our questions were answered and addressed.  They even got us financial aid
through the Veterans Administration.  Boy oh boy did they make our lives easier.

The Elder Care Team was a real special find and I thank you for referring her to me.  Thanks so
       ... Jim Cobon  

My family and me were totally lost as to how to take care of our Mother and Father. Dad needed care 24
hours a day. We were worried about Mom taking care of him alone. Most of all we were very worried about
how to pay for the help we need.

I was on the phone for hours calling organizations on the list I received from the hospital. One would do
that and another this. I became more and more confused about what to do. A friend suggested I call
Where to Go and What to Do for Elder Care.

WOW! All my questions answered and everything was put in place in one day! A BIG Thank You for putting
us in touch with wonderful people!

Once Where to Go and What to Do came into the picture, everything began to run so smoothly. Thank you
for making a difficult time easier that allows us to focus on loving and caring for our Dad and our Mom and
our family. Your support, compassion and understanding has been a blessing. I cannot tell you how
happy we are. My dad is receiving the best, best care!

Working with your great team has made all the difference.
                                                                                                      Colette Raya

I am a Veterans and was all alone battling a serious illness.  Where to Go and What to Do managed my
medical and financial needs.  They got me in to the VA medical system and coordinated my medical
insurance from my employer with my Veterans benefits. Because of merging these benefits together I
did not have to pay anything for the wonderful medical care I received.

They also followed my medical challenges and stayed by my side every step of the way.  They worked
along with my doctors to understand everything. I would not be well today and with no medical bills if
Joanna was not there helping me make very difficult decisions.
                                                                                         Thank you!
                                                                                                       Dennis Dean

We Can Do It