Disability Pension Veterans’ Benefits

             General Information about Special Pension
                             with Aid and Attendance

    What is Aid & Attendance?
    Aid & Attendance is a tax free long term care pension benefit for
    Veterans and their Surviving Spouses, and some Merchant Marines
    who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in
    eating, bathing, dressing, undressing or taking care of the needs of
    nature.  It also includes individuals who are blind or a patient in a
    Nursing Home / Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) because of mental or
    physical incapacity.  Assisted care in an Assisted Living Facility (AL)
    or Board & Care Home (B&C) also qualify.  Aid & Attendance benefits
    can not be considered income from other agencies such In Home
    Services as the Aid & Attendance benefit is considered a medical
    reimbursement and not income.

    How can these benefits help someone?
    Aid and Attendance can help pay for care in your Home,
    Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility and a Board and Care.  
    Compensation benefits per month for 2012 are:

                                                       Per Month              Per Year
    Veteran No Dependents         $1704.00             $20,448.00         
    Veteran One Dependent           2,020.00             24,240.00
    Surviving Spouse                      1,094.00             13,128.00         

    Who is Eligible?  
  • Any War Veteran with 90 days of active duty, 1 day beginning  
    or ending during a period of War.  
  • A surviving spouse of a War Veteran – marriage must have
    ended in death.  
  • The individual must qualify both medically and financially (can
    not have over 80K in assets – excluding home and vehicle).

    How do I qualify for this benefit?
    Eligibility must be proven by filing the proper Veterans
    Application for Pension or Compensation.  
    The application will require:

  • A copy of your DD-214 or separation papers
  • Medical Evaluation from a physician
  • Net Worth information
  • Net Income
  • Your Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses
  • Other information.

            This is a brief overview of the program.  
              Please call for more information.
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